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Southeast Valley Gastroenterology, Chandler, AZ

Medical 40,000 ft2

A 3 building commercial subdivision with a colonoscopy center and an outpatient surgery center, all developed simultaneously by SteepleRock for a group of clients.

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SteepleRock was engaged by principals of Southeast Valley Gastroenterology during the land purchase escrow to manage the development of a 3 building medical complex, aggregating 40,000 square feet, in Chandler, AZ.

The parcel was subdivided into 3 lots, each with its own building and owner.  All three buildings were built at the same time by a single contractor.  Two would be owner occupied; the third was a speculative venture.  SteepleRock directed preparation of the commercial CC&R’s governing the shared site improvements and maintenance.

SteepleRock selected the architect, interior designer, and contractor.  SteepleRock did all the entitlement and permitting negotiations with the City of Chandler, and secured an easement for sanitary sewer across a neighboring property.

One building included a colonoscopy center, permitted for conscious sedation of patients.  Another had a full outpatient surgical suite with two operating rooms.

The buildings were constructed with Rastra Block insulting concrete forms for insulation, structural integrity and sound attenuation.  A noise masking system was also employed in the gastroenterology clinic for patient privacy.